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    Exhaust suggestion for EK w/ B18C

    I have a EK hatch wit a b18c in it..

    I have a problem with the emissions and runnin a check.
    I have one O2 sensor and i also need another... but my question is what is best exhaust option i should choose for the most bang for my buck and reliable.
    I need a High flow but i dont know what brand i should get,, I also heard maybe i should get a test pipe.. I really dont know which one would be better for me.. on top of that should i keep the stock exhaust on my civic or should i go 2 1/2 piping.. let me know what you think is the best option..

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    test pipe vs hi flow?

    Quote Originally Posted by tilegend View Post
    Cats (Catalytic Converters) with Higher Flow - Team Integra

    "Comparing a 2.5 in. testpipe (RED) to a 2.5 in. Carsound cat (BLUE) in the same ITR ( 1.8L B18C5 ) with a CAI, Toda B cams, an SMSP 4-2-1 long hybrid header (2.5 in. OD collector), and SMSP 2.5 in. OD exhaust, Apex Power FC fuel tuning:"

    190-188.5 = [SIZE="4"]a whopping 1.5hp gain[/SIZE]


    Quote Originally Posted by tilegend View Post
    "200 cell cat and a test pipe, both in 2.25" dia. The dyno is from a K24"

    BLUE is test pipe
    its 2 posts i made in another thread for the non-believers. im not about saving the environment or anything but it was just for the people who thought test pipes gave out whopping power gains or something.

    anyways if you read that team-integra link they'll give you some good reccomendations on some high flowing cats.

    catsound is a good one off the top of my head and random technologies

    as for which piping. i would go a min of 2 1/4" mandrel piping. a lot better than stock due to flow characteristics

    and if you are worried about emissions but still want to run a test pipe. get at least one that is removable. and get a universal high flow cat welded with some flanges.
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