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    2nd Annual Airwerks by Borg Warner Turbo Systems $10,000 Outlaw Street FWD Shootout

    I found this link on and i feel the b20vtec community should be part of this event.

    it was posted by user name xxxracing on honda-tech.

    Myself along Javier Ortega and Roger Downes from Ortega Global Solutions and Thom Miles and Kurt Henderson from Borg Warner Turbo Systems would like to announce the:

    2nd Annual Airwerks by Borg Warner Turbo Systems $10,000 Outlaw Street FWD Shootout
    Fall Nationals
    October 3 & 4, 2009
    Old Bridge Township Raceway Park
    230 Pension Road
    Englishtown, NJ

    Borg Warner Turbo Systems has stepped up big time for this year’s Shootout, they have doubled their commitment from last year’s race. This will allow us to do more promoting and make it even bigger than last year’s event.

    Vibrant Perfromance is chipping in $150 towards the first 16 Racer Deposits.
    $1000 Entry Fee - $500 non-refundable Deposit due by September 12th, 2009
    $355 by e-check, $359.40 instant payment, $500 by check/cash

    paypal deposits to [email protected]

    $500 due at track, October 3 (must bring cash)

    16 car field – Pro Ladder (1 vs 16, 2 vs, 15, etc.)
    All Qualify up to 16 cars (i.e. if there are 10 cars, will run a 16 car ladder)
    If you don't make the field, you get $500 back and as long as you meet rules for SFWD class, can run elims in there

    Payout is based on actual car count, something like this
    Roughly 65 % Winner, 20 % Runner-Up, 7.5 % Semis, 2.5% Quarters

    For a 16 car field this will be:
    1st - $10,000 (includes $750 BW Bonus Cash)
    2nd - $3,200 (includes $550 BW Bonus Cash)
    Semis - $1,400 (X2)(includes $300 BW Bonus Cash)
    Quarters - $550 (X4)(includes $200 BW Bonus Cash)
    1st Round Losers - $100 (X8) BW Bonus Cash

    Please note, this is a gamblers Race. Payouts are based strictly on car counts. If 16 cars show up, payouts will be above, if more cars show up, payouts will increase and likewise if less cars show up, payouts will decrease.

    Each participant will buy a 2 day race tech card upon arrival $100 (includes 4 2-day Crew/Spectator passes).

    3 Qualifiers on Saturday (2:00, 4:00. 6:00), Eliminations on Sunday (1st round 11:00)
    If it rains on Saturday, there would be 2 qualifiers on Sunday followed by eliminations (less time in between rounds)

    Bounty Sponsors are welcomed with open arms again. As long as they are $500 or less, Englishtown does not need a cut. Anything larger than that would require Englishtown being compensated.
    Let’s get the bounty Sponsors in place early so that all of the companies get proper exposure on the flyers and website. Last year we had a lot of bounty sponsors that came on board last minute and did not get all of the exposure that they should have. Let’s get it rolling, I would like to get the flyer done by the end of July at the latest!

    2008 Bounty Sponsors were: Bullseye Turbos, Cisco’s Performance Center, SPEC Clutch, NRG Tech Racing, Avid Racing, CPL Racing, Clutchmasters, Exospeed, Fluid Control Solutions, Speed Theory / AFI Turbo,, CP Pistons, Supertech, Turbo Elements, Darrell Cox/SRT Racing, Justice Racing Engines, Bullhead Gears, Absolute Pro-Formance, Toyo Tires, Outlawzz Racing Performance

    Thank you very much for your support last year

    2009 Bounties that have been offered but need to be confirmed are:
    Justice Racing Engines: $500 labor credit, 1st engine failure
    N2MB - $500 LOW ET
    Avid Racing - $500 Highest MPH
    Cisco’s Performance Center - $500 #1 Qualifier - $500 Best 60'

    Also being run this year is the 1st Annual All Motor Street $5,000 Shoutout

    Other tentative classes being run are: SFWD, All Motor Street, Quick 16, Modified, Index Classes and brackets (this is TBD, per Etown)

    Roger Downes will be in charge of tech he will be paid $500 for his services out of the buy-in.

    I will be in touch with the track manager at etown frequently up until the event. I will see what else he is going to need from us as competitors and organizers.

    Deposits Received:
    1) Tony Palo - T1 Race Development Integra
    2) Fernando Cunha - CLM Motorsports Civic
    3) Jared McCoy - 5thGearBurnout
    4) Chris Miller - NRGTech Racing Civic
    5) Franklin Vu - Avid Racing Civic
    6) Kevin Van Natten - SRT Racing / Bayshore Power and Marine Neon
    7) James Innes / John Ferguson - Civic
    8) Danny Smith - DSR Motorsports Civic
    9) Jared Lutwyche - Team Xenocron Civic
    10) Shawn Ramey - Ramey Built Civic
    11) Felix Medina - Agressive Racing Civic
    12) Brian Ballard - Mobil 1 CSI Racing Cobalt
    13) Aldo Mireles - 1320racingHTX/NRGtechracing Civic

    Let’s get a tentative list:
    1) Chris Miller - NRG Tech Racing Civic
    2) Joe Simpson - Tempest Racing Integra
    3) Damien (spelling?) - TD Autowerkes Civic
    4) Danny Smith - SPEC Clutch \ MFactory Civic
    5) Shawn Ramey - Ramey Built Civic
    6) Franklin Vu - Avid Racing
    7) GarRy Eng - The Wicked One Racing Civic
    8) James Innes / John Ferguson - IPG Parts Civic
    9) Alfredo Morales - The Horsepower Connection Civic
    10) Felix Medina - Agressive Racing Civic
    11) Fernando Cunha - CLM Motorsports Civic
    12) Jared Lutwyche - Team Xenocron 1999 Civic Si
    13) Cory Chaput - Performance Specialities Civic
    14) Robert Mapps--Team Xenocron
    15) Lisa Kubo
    16) Chad Barber
    20) BRian Ballard - CSI Racing Cobalt (I even postponed my honeymoon a week)
    21) Tony Palo - T1 Race Development Integra (put you at the bottom so that you don't scare potential participants away)

    here are the rules for this years shootout. they are basically a combination of the old SFWD/TS rules with last years outlaw revisions to eliminate grey area. any questions can be directed to Roger (E-Town4229).

    OUTLAW STREET-designed for full bodied, street legal 4 cyl. fwd cars.

    Minimum weights
    2450 lbs for all cars.
    +100 lbs for nitrous.

    Class Requirements
    Engine swaps (e.g.,B series with B series) permitted; however OEM mounting points must be utilized. Engine swap (e.g., B series to a K series) permitted provided engine swap kits are commercially available and approved in advance. Engine must be from same manufacturer as body. Engine must be overhead cam, production based design. Maximum 2 power adders. Redundant power adders such as a dual stage nitrous system , will be counted as one power adder. Engine must be in stock, transverse configuration. Dry sump oil system or external oil pumps prohibited unless OEM equipped and engine is using complete OEM oiling system.

    Engine diaper or catch pan device to capture oil and debris in event of engine failure mandatory. Where exhaust header passes directly under oil pan, two piece diaper may be utilized. FWD vehicles using OEM manual transmission case must also have such a device for the transmission, to capture oil and debris in event of transmission failure. if catch pan device is used, catch pan must employ minimum of 2 inch high lips on all sides. Lips must be coved or curved inward, so as to contain oil in pan. Catch pan must cover entire area below engine/transmission. Catch pan must extend from radiator support to firewall and from framerail to framerail. In all cases, lips must be adequate enough to contain oil in the catch pan. Should a competitor spill excessive oil from the catch pan and debris onto the track, he or she may be disqualified from further competition at the sole and absolute discretion of the event director until catch pan is upgraded, regardless of height of pan lips or pan design.


    Any race gasoline (E85, Q16, VP import, ETC.) permitted. Fuel Cell allowed - 2.5 gallon minimum. Must be in either stock location or in a sealed area behind the driver. Methanol is not allowed. All competitors will be checked at least once and are subject to random inspection.

    Restricted to a single turbocharger. Turbocharger must utilize a turbine housing inlet flange commonly referred to as the T04. Limited to a maximum 72mm turbo, where the maximum compressor housing inducer diameter is 72.78mm, measured at the point where the leading edge of the compressor wheel meets the housing.
    Air to water intercoolers are permitted. CO2 or NOS is permitted as a cooling medium in place of water in liquid intercooler, but will count as a second power adder;i.e. is CO2 or NOS is used as an intercooler medium, NOS may NOT be used in the engine.

    All cars using a clutch and running quicker than 11.49 or faster than 135mph must be equipped with a flywheel shield made of 1/4 inch minimum thickness steel plate. Shield must surround the bellhousing completely except for area of flywheel shield adjacent to differential and axle shaft. Shield may be multi piece with pieces bolted together using minimum 3/8 inch diameter Grade 5 or M10 class 8.8 bolts; may be attached to engine and or bell housing. in lieu of shield, a blanket meeting SFI spec 4.1 completely surrounding the bellhousing is permitted.

    All cars using an automatic transmission and running quicker than 10.99 or faster than 135 mph must be equipped with a transmission shield meeting SFI spec 4.1 a flexplate shield labeled as meeting SFI spec 30.1 and a flexplate labeled as meeting SFI spec 29.1. Transmission must be from same manufacturer as engine. Non OEM or aftermarket transmission prohibited. Transbrake prohibited.

    Automated, timer type, pneumatic, electric, electronic, hydraulic,etc. shifting mechanism prohibited; each individual shift must be a function of the driver and controlled manually. (Driver must pull the lever.) Transmission must be from same manufacturer as engine. Non OEM or aftermarket transmission prohibited. Adjustable PRO STOCK type clutches prohibited.

    3.Brakes and suspension
    Four wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory. Carbon fiber brake rotors prohibited. Staging brake allowed.

    Must retain full, original, OEM steering gear.

    Upper mounting point for strut assemblies must be in the factory location. Adjustable caster/camber pillowball mounts are permitted. Lower control arm may be strengthened provided factory mounting points to the chassis are maintained. Lower mounting point for strut assembly may be modified for improved caster or camber. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars/devices permitted; must be bolt on ONLY. Final decision rests with Technical Services.

    Must maintain original factory configuration. Aftermarket lower control arms, strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars and limit straps are permitted. Rear suspension must maintain minimum shock travel of 1 inch. All rear suspensions must use at least one working shock absorber per wheel. Suspension modifications limited to bolt on items only. ALL OEM suspension mounts/attachment points must be utilized. Spindle mounts prohibited.


    OEM chassis, with complete OEM floorpan and firewall mandatory. Wheel tubs, backhalf conversions, tube chassis, etc. prohibited. Must retain FWD configuration; rear drive conversions prohibited. Engine must be located in OEM location for body used. Non OEM tubing in front of firewall prohibited except to tie shock towers to roll cage.

    Minimum 3 inches from front of car to 12 inches behind centerline of front axle, 2 inches for remainder of car.

    Must retain original wheelbase for body used, plus or minus 1 inch. Maximum wheelbase variation from left to right is 1 inch.

    5.Tires and wheels
    26" X 10" max tire size.

    Must be automotive type wheels suitable for street or racing use. Minimum wheel size 13 inches unless originally equipped with smaller wheels and vehicle is equipped with original engine. Wheel studs must be threaded into hex portion of lug nut a distance at leas equal to the diameter of the stud. Spindle mounts prohibited.

    Complete interior, including: dashboard, door panels, headliner, carpeting, etc mandatory from the front seat(s) forward. Interior panels behind the front seats are optional. Only 1 seat required, must be upholstered. Factory controls for lights and windows must be retained and operative.

    Body must be on accepted bodies list. Pickups and SUVs prohibited.
    Mild customizing and body kits permitted but must retain full bodied appearance with minimum 2 functional doors. Chopped roofs prohibited. Hood scoops or openings permitted. Doors must open and close from inside and outside. Windshield and all windows must retain OEM safety glass. No lexan permitted.
    Lightweight body panels limited to hood, fenders and deck lid. Aftermarket body kits permitted but full street legal appearance must be maintained. One peice aftermarket front end prohibited. JoJo/CFT/Exospeed 3 piece front ends allowed. Air intake may not extend past the front bumper

    Complete OEM firewall mandatory. Mini tubbing prohibited

    OEM floorpan, front to rear, mandatory.

    Both taillights and at least 1 headlight mandatory. Must be operative.

    Complete OEM windshield and windows mandatory. Windows must be operative per factory specifications. (Must open and close via electrical or OEM mechanical means.)

    Tow vehicles prohibited.

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    man you turbo guys better read this list alot of rules but alot of money up for grabs

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    bump^^^^^^^^^cant wait:freak:
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    hey where were u at on honda day in the girls or males bathroom.

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    I will b proudly wearing my nrg tech shirt i have since like 1999....

    Will we see.....[email protected]

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    Buuummmp 4 all motor shoot out & turbo shoot out
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    buuummppp cuz its going to b a crazy battle!!!
    I Love :rollup: Crew #224

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