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    The quikest 4-cylinder drag cars of the world. Input needed

    Here are the Quikest 4-cylinder powered drag cars on the 1/4mile
    Got anyone faster/quiker than 8.00s ET let me know. And i will put the car on the list. Thank you to everyone for their input. Youtube links for the run are welcome as spec list on the car aswell.

    Here are some racers/teams that i have come up so far

    Brent Rau Eclipse 6.82s Brent Rau - Never Give up - Worlds Fastest Mitsubishi - YouTube

    Chivy King Toyota 6.844s Chivy King 6 84 @ 193 MPH NEW RECORD - YouTube

    Adeen Volvo 6.847s Ullis818's Channel - YouTube

    Bruno Massel 6.86s? Bruno Massel - NHRA Pro-Import race car sponsored by - YouTube

    Rado Scion FWD 6.87s ??????????

    Eriksson Volvo 6.96s Pär Eriksson C70 Tierp Arena 6,[email protected]/h - YouTube

    Paradise Racing Celica 3rz 6.98s Paradise Racing ( New Record ) vs G-Force Honda Prelude Fall Nationals 2011 - YouTube

    Eloranta Celica 7.004s Mika Eloranta Tierp Arena 7,00s - YouTube

    El freddy/import DPS Civic 7.004s El Freddy / Import DPS New Record - YouTube


    Hard Target Scion 7.06 Hard Target Racing [email protected] 02/22/09 - YouTube

    Hoys Ford Focus 7.07s

    Captain Tweety Pontiac 7.071s

    X-Men Celica 7.08s

    Rosado Racing 7.09s

    Hunchback racing Volvo PV 7.11s Fällfors 2011 hunchbackracing 7.32 sec 295 km/h - YouTube

    Marty Ladwig's Chevy Cobalt 7.12s @ 214 mph Marty Ladwig's Chevy Cobalt 7.229 @ 200mph - YouTube

    Jerry Racing 7.12s

    Gary Gardellla Pro FWD Cobalt 7.15s @ 209.5 MPH

    Jason Hunt Pro FWD Cobalt 7.19 @ 202.64 MPH

    Chris Tait 200sx 7.224s Chris Tait 200sx 7.22 - YouTube

    Collin Willshire Mitsubishi 7.222s Graham Prior 7.24 @ 189 vs. Collin Willshire 7.22 - YouTube


    Dee Karagiannis Mazda 3 best time 7.3 1300 whp Mazda 3 - YouTube

    Import DPS Nissan 7.32s

    John Lingenfelter Pro truck ecotec 7.35 John Lingenfelter Pro Sport Compact GMC Sonoma Truck 7 sec 1/4 Mile - YouTube
    John Ligenfelter 6.99 ???

    Micks motorsport ex Mazworx 7.37s

    GM Racing/Chevy Cavalier 7.406s

    Rob Novac datto ute jet racing 7.41s

    FORD Focus 7.44s -year 2002

    Ivan Rabbit VW 7.45s

    Geronimo Racing 7.46

    Sakura Motorsports Mitsubishi 7.48s

    The Racing Store Celica "El Estresico" 7.4x??? (2RZ Toyota 4 cil)

    Eloranta supra 7.478s

    Dee Karagiannis 7.49s

    Virtala Risto BMW 7.52s VIRTALA RACING AT ALASTARO 2011 7,52s 1/4 MILE - YouTube

    Team Audiobahn FWD 7.53s
    Team Audiobahn 2006 Englishtown NHRA Sport Compact Drag Race - YouTube

    Ben Bray Datsun Coupe (Rayglass Ex Coupe) [email protected]
    Ben Bray Datsun Coupe [email protected] - YouTube

    Aruba Superscion 7.57s

    SuperScion 7.5762s

    S2King S2000 7.591s La Gallina Industries - Red Star Motoring - S2King New Record!! - YouTube

    cheo gomez dragster motor vw 4 cyl 7.6s

    Jc racing corolla 7.6s

    The New Karioka 7.61s New Karioka 7.76 World Record 3Tc 3/4 Chassis - YouTube

    Rivera Racing Celica 7.612s

    El Carro 7.62s Pontiac 4cyl. Marino 3.0 lt turbo alcohol

    Felo Racing Toyota 7.62s

    Contagious RWD DSM mitsubishi engine 7.66s Contagious CRX Dyno - YouTube

    Rafael Antonetti 7.659s c20xe Opel engine 4-cylinder turbo

    John Shepperd Talon 7.70s @ 193 MPH

    JJ Racing 7.70s

    Juliana 7.70s

    Lisa Kubo PRO FWD Saturn 7.72s @ 191mph
    LISA KUBO 7.72 @ 191 mph - YouTube

    Carl Bunet Qc,Canada 4 cylinder pro stock 7.75s
    Pro stock 4 cylinder turbo - YouTube

    Franse Pass 7.81s Franse Pass 7.81 - YouTube

    Big Boy Racing 1.8 7.78s

    Gforce Prelude 7.83s

    Stephanie Eggum Hot Rod Civic 7.87 @ 184 mph
    Stephanie Eggum Racing Honda Civic Pro FWD - 7.87 @ 184 mph - YouTube

    Jimenez 1.8 7.88s

    Vick starlet 7.93
    One Cool Summer: Vick 7.93 - YouTube

    Suntech Motorsport Volvo Amazon 7.96s

    La Licenciada 7.97s

    Fredrik Holmgren 7.99s 10.5 tire
    Volvo 142 turbo @ Goldtown Summer Nats 2011 - YouTube

    Dragster rail 4-cylinder

    Don nase 6.417s Ecotec Worlds Quickest Sport Compact - YouTube

    VW the nail 6.52s Vw Paradise nail runs a 6.52 - YouTube

    Til racing 6.749s Motorcycles and Cars Drag Racing from Finland 2002 KovaaCom Sponsored video
    Nitro Nationals Alastaro 4.7.2004, kuva 6 / 21 pic

    Carl Brunet 4cyl. Dragster Napierville 6.94s Carl Brunet 4cyl. Dragster Napierville - YouTube

    Mitsubishi 4g63 6.95s 4G63 Dragster - U.S. Nationals - YouTube

    FJ20 31

    Raimo Peltola
    Engine-1580cc "BMW" 4-cylinder cast block&head m10 BMW block? s14 BMW head
    Chassis-FT/D dragster.
    ET-7,544s at 182.06MPH or 293km/h 1,6 BMW Piteĺ year-7/1994
    Full Billet engine in the works
    OLD Dyno video- BMW TURBO Finland - YouTube

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    the supra on that list is a 4 banger?

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    Video for our 240SX Pass. It feels good seeing our name up there two times with the civic and 240. Kako racing is also a part of us as well.

    ImportDPS's Channel - YouTube
    Import DPS 2951 North Marshall Street
    Philly, PA 19133 (215)227-6000


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