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    2001 black gsr integra

    i know its been a couple months but i still think about this shit everyday the worst part is the car never got dumped or anything so what do u think b20 you think they dumped it in a good spot or the car is cut up tagged or sitting in a garage stilll ? if anyone sees any su****ous black tegs park in the same spot hmu 914 774 3398 or if you know the thieft that dumped it just gimme somthin call me off a pay phone tell me where the shell is jesus christ lol p.s-its like your chil;d getting kidnapped and you dont know if hes still out there or dead let me give the car its funeral !! or rebuild it :)acura 4.jpg

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    gsr vin b20b motor built b16/type r tranny red tenzo r racing seats a real spoon sport exhaust spray painted white blades there werent powder coated front bumper was a little fucked up back left tail light had like a spyder web crack in barely noticable i built the whole car myself and know it bolt for bolt the hood was a faded black hood off a 94 integra the driver side floor pan was a little pushed up right before the pedals from a jack skunk 2 lcas red beaks bar tokicko blue struts and springs one k sport control arm on the driver side a stock one on the left do to a ball joint breaking skunk 2 short shifter the type r side skirts got all scratched up from a tow truck so there is like black spray paint coated over those spots maybe even primer the red seats have broken bolts in the bottom of them where the rails would hook up to each seat has a bolt broken off in them so you would know if they are mine (whats done is done) but if you have come across any of these parts give me a call or text with some info i dont want any parts back idc i just want the shell back ! also the back bumper the paint was like cracked i guess u can say and the left corner of the lisence plate was like a bond spot that had chipped away very noticable like i said i know everything bolt for bolt inch for inch so any info please hmu ! 914 774 3398

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    I saw a car just like this one on the 87 yesterday with the same white wheels....dam bro gl

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    dammmm bree gl
    :blazed: team ekay #6 ; Im from NEW JERZ crew member #64
    Quote Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
    3rd of all.. u wont say that shit to ma face so cutt da b20 gangsta shit..

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    bump lets get this man car back
    I speed you follow!

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    Daaaam bro I hope u get ur car back I remember u hittin me up last month for my 4 door teggy that I advertised on CL soo I know u probly just got it glwf

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    i bought some tenzo racing seats with like 1 or 2 broken bolts all the way down in oklahoma bro...

    GOT METH??

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    lmao oklahoma did u get em off ebay or something ? ?idk i know i broke i believe the back right or maybe left one on the driver side and the passenger side was the back right i think

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