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    Motor violently rocks back and forth

    As the title says my motor violently rocks back and forth when i take off,shift,let go of gas and hit the gas....
    I tried changing ALL my motor mounts and it didn't help..the motor fell on me cause the idiot who put in the single cam didn't have the tranny mount in place right and was basically being held by one bolt...i fixed all of that and i still don't know why the motor still rocks back and forth...i can feel the motor pull the shift linkage too thats how bad it is...i really need help or an answer cause i'm thinking of giving up on this beautiful Ek civic....Please someone get back to me!!!

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    Sounds like an imbalance in the engines internal, like a out of round crankshaft...

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    sounds like your motor mounts are shot. or they arent tight. check the rear motor mount.

    if you need new ones, solid motor mount. let me know.
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    It sounds like the rear T mount. Make sure mount is good. Also that T mount mounts up the the subframe check to see if that's good. Never heard of one going bad but possibility

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    Solid mounts and torque mounts. Simple fix
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    A lot of good feedback on this issue. Even though you replaced the mounts it still sounds like an issue with them. One of the main mounts that will prevent a ton of movement forward and backward is the rear mount. Make sure the mount is secured to the cross member, make sure the bracket is attached to the motor and tranny and make sure the bolt hold the mount and bracket together is tight.

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